Student affairs

Assumption University Thailand's fundamental aim is the total development of each student's human potential in physical, emotional,  moral and intellectual aspects.

The Student Affairs Department is responsible for activities and services that develop these capacities by integrating out-of-classroom learning with the regular student course work.

We hope that partaking in this integration of studies and outside activities will lead students to understand that learning must be a life long process integrated with their personal and career activities, so that they will continue to grow in all aspects of human maturity throughout their lives.

The Student Affairs Department is also responsible for establishing an atmosphere that looks beyond the usual limits of education to promote maturity and a higher wisdom based on critical, independent thinking, positive attitudes and values, and the freedom and courage to express oneself in productive ways for the good of society.

We hope our students will love and appreciate their institution, and continue to grow in their understanding of and esteem for the value of art, nature, the environment, and Thai and international cultures for the rest of their lives.









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